Protecting your goods - Understanding Local Move Valuation
  We have a responsibility to ensure you are informed of not only the options available to you regarding valuation,  but also what is included within the coverage.   We hope this information will help you understand the coverage.

  Tour your home prior to the move and calculate how much your household goods are worth.  Then decide which of our 3 coverage options suits you best.   For your protection, these options are part of the transportation contract.
Valuation Options
Option No. 1

At no extra charge,  moving companies provide basic compensation for damage and/or loss.  This is called release rate liability.   With this option, the carrier's maximum liability is $0.60 per pound per article.


If a chair with a replacement value of $350.00 and a weight of 20lbs. is damaged or lost, the maximum settlement will be 20lbs. * $0.60 = $12.00.

Option No. 2

Optional minimum coverage is availabe to ensure additional protection.  The carrier's maximum liability is the lump sum declared on your shipment.


If a chair with a replacement value pf $350.00 is irreparably damaged or lost,  you will be compensated at its replacement value of $350.00.


The value declared on your shipment is the greater of:

  • The replacement cost of your shipment
  • the minimum value of $10.00 per pound of the shipment.

On the day of loading, your bill will have $10,000/room or $10,000/1000 lbs. already predetermined.  You can increase your coverage, but not decrease the minimum.

Option No. 3

Replacement Value, but with a deductible can be purchased on your shipment.  If Option 3 is chosen and a claim is filed, the deductible must be paid to entertain the claim.

Valuation Rates
Cost With Deductible
Value Cost $100 $250 $500
$20,000 $122 $61 $28 $N/A
$30,000 $183 $117 $67 $44
$40,000 $244 $167 $105 $72
$50,000 $305 $216 $144 $100
$60,000 $366 $266 $183 $128
$70,000 $405 $294 $200 $133
$80,000 $433 $322 $216 $139
$90,000 $461 $350 $233 $144
$100,000 $488 $377 $250 $150
$150,000 $599 $488 $322 $167
$200,000 $699 $588 $422 $211
$250,000 $788 $677 $510 $244
$300,000 $866 $755 $588 $311
$350,000 $932 $821 $655 $377
$400,000 $998 $877 $710 $433
Over $400,000 - Special Quote Required

If option No. 3 is chosen, and a claim is filed, the amount of the deductible must be sent in with the claim form.   No claim form will be entertained until the detuctible amount has been paid in full.

Pairs & Sets

Coverage can included on your shipment ot cover damage of loss of a complete set or unit when only part of the set is damaged or lost.   The cost is an additional 20% of the charge for the Replacement Value Protection.

Conditions of Carriage
Exception from liability
The carrier shall not be liable for:

a) Loss, damage or delay to any of the goods described in the bill of lading cause by an Act of God, the Queen's enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, the act or default of the consignor, owner or consignee, authority of law or quarantine.

Damages as outlined below:

  1. Loose and breakable items that should be packed are not covered unless packed by the mover
  2. Electronic or mechanical malfunction is not covered, i.e. washer leaking, drum not professionally serviced
  3. Deterioration or damage to perishable food and plants

b) Damage to or loss of a complete set or unit when only part of set is damaged or lost.  Carrier will only be liable for repair or recovering of the lost or damaged piece or pieces (unless Pairs & Sets coverage has been purchased).

**Damage to the goods at place or places of pickup/delivery at which the consignor or his agent is not present and cannot give receipt for goods delivered.  For your protection, we recommend that you or your agent are present at time of loading and delivery.
To File A Claim

To file a claim please contact the office.  You have 60 (sixty) days from the date your goods were delivered to file a written claim.  We recommend that you contact the office immediately.  The carrier has the right to inspect damages and to trace for lost items and determine liability.   Do not proceed with disposal or replacements without written authorization.  This may jeopardize your coverage.

Basis of Settlement

Settlement will depend on which valuation option you choose and on the cost of repair or replacement.  The carrier has the right to repair any repairable items.  Unfortunately there is no coverage for emotional or sentimental value.

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